Success Stories

Four months ago a young woman came to FMS, her mother had kicked her out of the house. Mom was tired of the drinking, friends and disrespect of the house. We brought her in and spent much time listening to her past and what she sees in the future. Through love, respect and encouragement she was slowly realizing that things needed to change. We helped her with her resume and some clothing and assisted in looking for work. Six weeks ago she started at Wendy’s working nights and two weeks ago she was hired at Chili’s for the day shift. She just moved out of FMS to a motel room and when I see her the smile on her face is very satisfying. College is an option we are looking at in the near future.

A couple that has skirted homelessness for years from Grand Junction to here, spent most of the winter in our Overnight Program. They both were putting in applications from Rifle to Aspen any kind of work will do for them. No calls, no interviews. They never got discouraged and kept watching the papers and making contacts. Three weeks ago they both got a job in Rifle and are living in small cabin. She comes down once a week to get any excess food we can offer because they spent their paychecks on rent and
truck repair.

Students help at the homeless shelter

5th graders from GWS Elementary come to the Center every Thursday to gather food for 4 of their classmates whose father’s lost their jobs in the last month or two. The kids go through our surplus we get from Vitamin Cottage, Safeway and Whole Foods and they bag up enough non-perishable for the kids to have meals on the weekends.

There are so many meaningful experiences but one thing that happened during the Christmas season, I will never forget. Travis age 21, is an innocent young man with a smile that lights up the whole room but is very shy. He came to the Center one frigid morning, he was wet from falling down the mountain, his pants were ripped and hiking boots had torn. Travis was physically okay but he needed more pants and winter boots. Travis is one of nine campers that live in the mountains year round in a tent with a sleeping bag and a small heater furnished by FMS. With only a few days to Christmas, we asked him to stay in our Overnight Program until he could get some decent clothing and boots. On Christmas Day, Travis was handed two wrapped presents. One contained boots, he immediately took off his tattered shoes and put on his snow boots. Then he sat in one of the recliners with his feet up and stared at his feet with a huge smile on his face. He sat there for about 15 minutes with that impeccable smile not taking his eyes off the boots. I asked him if he was going to open the other package. Travis jumped up tore open the wrapped box which consisted of two new pairs of pants. He took his gifts and headed to the bathroom but both rooms were occupied. Travis grabbed a dining room chair flipped it around so he could watch the doors waiting for one to open with his jeans held gently to his chest. Finally a door opens and away he goes, about one minute later he came back into the main room just glowing. Travis has never showed any sign of affection towards anyone but I got a big hug and a very grateful thank you. He has never shown any signs of wanting to get a job but something happened that day. He was working a full time job at a landscaping company, a week later. Since then he has come out of his shell and just this week we obtained his Colorado ID. I find it amazing how some of the simplest things in life, that some take for granted, can touch someone’s heart.

Some phrases heard at the Center from our family
“We are the best dressed homeless people in the country”.
“I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for you helping me out”.
“I maybe homeless but I’m not a bum”.
“I have been to a lot of homeless shelters in this country, you people really do care and you do want us to get back into the community”.
“This place makes you want to go and look for work”
“If it wasn’t for FMS I wouldn’t be enjoying this Christmas”
“I had a job, a life you never know when it’s going to be taken from you-Thank you for being there for me and everyone else.