Evaluation & Impact

It is difficult to evaluate the homeless population because they are constantly moving. We do track the number of homeless that visit us on a daily basis and the number of visits during a year’s time. Feed My Sheep also keeps records those working, how many received permanent housing and who has attained sobriety. They do not like to share information about their lives but through trust we are learning more and more about why they are in this position. In the last two years, many have opened up about their past and they share about families, what went wrong and their dreams. If we can get one or more to have a life changing experience in their lives and move to self-sufficiency it is worthwhile.
• In 2011 we served 231 individuals for a total of 8,494 visits
• In 2012 we served 249 individuals for a total of 8,643 visits
• In 2013 we served 52 guests for a total visits of 9,129
• In our Day Program we are assisting an average of 41-46 individuals in our Day Center
• In February of 2013 we had several days of over 50 guests
• During the Winter Overnight Program (November 15 to March 15) we housed a total of 2,847
men and women.
• Feed My Sheep helped 16 low-income families with food assistance
• 26 people acquired permanent housing from 2012-2013
• 18 guests were assisted with ID’s and birth certificates
• 39 individuals received funding for medical, dental and prescriptions