Since we share the Catholic Church building we work closely with Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and Lift-Up. Salvation Army and I meet twice a week discussing certain issues and how we can help those that are trying to change their lives. Sometimes we partner up on cases that need both resources to attain success in someone’s life. Catholic Charities provides many services for the homeless such as prescriptions, eye care, medical problems and bus tickets to look for work. Lift Up provides food to families in need and also gives vouchers to the local thrift store for clothing and boots. The area churches do food drives for us throughout the year not to mention their funding we receive. Many businesses supply us with bread, snacks, cereal, eggs, pizza and vitamins. Our schools have stepped up to the plate and started coming to the Center serving food, dropping off clothing, drawing pictures and coming down to visit. What a joy it is to see the children being a part of Feed My Sheep.